Vaccination for the Immunocompromised Patients at Gleneagles Hospital 

Dr Wong gave a lecture on Vaccination for the Immumocompromised Patients at the Gleneagles Hospital on 13th August 2014. The attendees were mostly specialists from Gleneagles Hospital and family physicians working around the area. Dr Wong’s lecture focused on the recent guidelines on immunization of the immunocompromised host that was published in December 2013 by the Infectious Disease Society of America. Specific areas covered included:

  1. The general principles of vaccination for such patients
  2. Vaccinations for influenza and pneumococcal disease
  3. Varicella and Zoster Vaccinations, Human Papilloma Virus, CMV & EBV Vaccines
  4. Vaccinations in Specific Immunocompromised Patient Populations

There was a lively Q&A session as many of the specialists cared for patients with reduced or impaired immunity.

HIV: New Insights into an ”Old” Disease at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

On 26th August 2014, Dr Lam gave a lecture entitled HIV: New Insights into an “Old’ Disease at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Dr Lam started the lunch time seminar discussing the paradigm shift – from HIV being a heavily stigmatised and terminal disease with significant mortality to the current situation where HIV is now considered a chronic disease with infected patients often living a productive and meaningful life. Specific areas that Dr Lam covered included: revolutionary changes in HIV care, improved diagnostic tests, new drug regimens, new thoughts on treatment as prevention, HIV and ageing and serious non- AIDS events. She also provided a recent update on research discussions at the World AIDS Conference held in Melbourne in July 2014.

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