5 April 2014

‘Shopping’ at Orchard Road for our Staff Retreat !

The day for our Staff Retreat started with April showers, but turned out to be a fine afternoon to be outdoors when the rain stopped and it remained just overcast.

The team met at Galleri Nila, a function room at the Fort Canning Park. After a sumptuous bento lunch, our Facilitator, Serene Seng briefed us on Clue Hunt at Orchard Road.  We had to search for clues in 4 locations stretching from Tangs to Plaza Singapore. The 4 clues provided hints as to where the 5th location was. As we were only given one and quarter hours to find the 5th location, the teams had to practically huff and puff along that stretch of Orchard Road.  It was no shopping spree! Finally the team led by Dr Lam won this ‘amazing race’ clue hunt.

The next task given to the rearranged teams was to build the ‘IDAS building’ out of marsh mellows and spaghetti.  The ‘building’ had to be tall and beautiful, as well as strong and stable enough to withstand any ’earthquake’. Each team then had to present why their building should win the award of being the tallest, most stable and beautiful construction. This task made the teams reflect on some qualities the IDAS can improve on which include;  thinking outside the box, not to rest on our laurels and to always look at what our competition is doing.  Again, the team led by Dr Lam won this task.

Finally the afternoon ended with a session of kick boxing by a trainer, Dennis Foo.  It was difficult as we had to learn to stand correctly so that there is impact when we ‘kick’ any persons wanting to attack us.  We were glad to hear from Dennis that the easiest thing to do is to just run as fast as we can if we are being attacked rather than to use our newly acquired kick boxing techniques!

Everyone went home with a prize or two, although tired and with muscles aching!

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