25th November 2012 – Time for De-stress!

The 13 of us started with a sumptuous breakfast at Singapore Island Country Club (SICC)before embarking on our journey towards the TreeTop Walk. Accompanied by Mr KS Wong, a Guide from the National Parks, we also gained knowledge on our local rainforest , the indigenoustrees and scrubs. Before heading back to the SICC for lunch, we had a 40 minute outdoor yoga lesson from Susan, a Yoga Instructor. It was a good stretch for our body, although some of us found it difficult to stretch those ‘rigid’ joints!

We continued our bonding session through chitchatting during our lunch. After lunch, we played a couple of games with the last one focusing on our personal value system.

We ended up the day with Doctors answering to any concerns, stresses and anxieties that the staff had faced in 2012, so that things can be improved on for 2013. It was a transparent, open discussion and it helped each and every one of us to de-stress and look forward to aeven better 2013!

All staff members were given fruits to take home as a reminder to eat healthily!

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