Time for Bonding!

It started out a fine day with the sun shining bright and strong on Saturday, 17th August as the IDS Group gathered at the Marina Barrage.

We started on a ‘Amazing Race Challenge’ at the Gardens By the Bay. The group was divided into 5 groups, and we named ourselves, the Invincibles, Mega Cool, Pretty Women, Angels and the Superstars! The 5 groups had to find 5 stations covering the whole Garden ( hints were given) and in each of the Station, we were subjected to further tests like charade on health care related words, listing out what are healthy and unhealthy food from 3 different menus, get 10 strangers’ photographs to be taken while doing a exercise which could be cardiovascular, or for flexibility, get a list of 10 tourists to inform us what they each do to keep healthy, and listing out a long list of symptoms for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It was challenging but exhausting! Mega Cool came out the winner!

For lunch, we were taught the fine art of making and eating sushi by Chef Rayner Ng. Everybody was keen to learn as we all love Japanese food, and all of us cannot wait to try this at home to do it for our family members !

The last part was art therapy, conducted by a Counselor, Doris Kong. Doris gave the newly created 4 groups, newspapers and soft clay to create a structure, name it and what the structure represented to each of the group. The subject was on ‘resilience’.

On the second session on ‘creativity’, each person was given soft clay to express the feelings of present and what each of us would feel on Monday when we returned to work. Finally, Doris presented the concepts of resilence and the role it plays in coping with real life challenges at work and personally, and how our emotional strengths can support resilence.

It was a day of “challenges’’, fun and most of all for all of us to take time to bond with each other!

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