23rd October 2014

Dr Wong gave a lively update on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to the doctors and nurses at Gleneagles Hospital. At special request, he had to give two similar lectures on 23/10/14, the first lunchtime lecture was mainly for the medical specialists and the other was an afternoon tea session for Nurses of all the 4 Parkway Hospitals in Singapore. The session for the Nurses was full to the brim! Everybody was “all ears” as EVD has evolved into an international crisis.

The different areas which were covered included :

  • the history of EVD, the difference strains, and the earlier outbreaks in Central Africa
  • the epidemiology of the current EVD outbreak in West Africa including countries with intense and limited transmission, the cumulative cases and deaths and the number of healthcare workers who are affected
  • transmission of EVD and the timeline for infection of the patient and HCW in Dallas
  • the clinical management for patients diagnosed with Ebola
  • MOH circular on how suspected cases of Ebola should be managed and transferred
  • the infection control and prevention measures and key safe practices which should be taken
  • the latest guidelines on personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended by the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention

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