They are ‘medical detectives’ trained to examine difficult cases and identify the culprit by analyzing clues. An ID specialist is an expert on the diagnosis and treatment of infections (illnesses caused by micro-organisms).

  • Help patients determine if their symptoms are due to an infection
  • Serve as primary care physicians, for e.g., for patients with chronic infections
  • Help to treat illness caused by infection
  • Co-ordinate the patient’s overall care
  • By combining specialized training and diagnostic tools, ID specialists can help determine the cause of your infection and provide treatment

ID specialists treat a wide range of infections. However, most cases referred to them are of a more complex nature. For more information on the kinds of infections ID specialists treat, please click here.

  1. ALL medical records related to your condition (e.g. X-rays, laboratory reports, immunization records etc)
  2. A list of ALL the medications you are currently taking or have recently been prescribed
  3. A list of any allergies you have (e.g. drug allergies)
  4. If you are a female patient, please let the ID specialist know if you are taking any birth control pills or if you are planning a pregnancy, as some antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives or are contraindicated in pregnancy
Depending on your symptoms and medical history, various tests may be required to accurately diagnose the problem. Typically, the ID specialist will first review your available medical data and perform a physical examination to aid in determining the cause of the problem. Often, laboratory tests will be done on blood, body fluids or cultures from wounds. Sometimes, X-rays and CT scans may be necessary to aid in diagnosis.

Treatment recommended may include antibiotics, which will be given to you orally (in the form of pills/liquids), or intravenously (administered directly into your veins).
Outpatient IV antibiotic therapy is available at our clinics, for those who do not need hospitalization.

Outpatients usually visit our clinic for a follow-up appointment or an intravenous infusion if necessary. Acutely ill patients with fever attend our clinic for an urgent review. For details about other services available for outpatients, please click here.

The ID specialists see a range of patients in the wards. These include severely ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Dr Lam and Dr Wong review patients in various private hospitals. For more information, please click here.

Various vaccinations are available in our clinics (e.g. as a pre-travel precaution), including Hepatitis A/B, rabies, seasonal influenza etc. For the list of vaccinations we offer, please click here.

You may either visit Gleneagles Medical Centre to see Dr Wong Sin Yew at Infectious Disease Partners Pte Ltd, or Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre to see Dr Lam Mun San at Infection & Vaccination Consultants Pte Ltd or Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre and Farrer Park Medical Centre to see either doctor. Appointments are strongly recommended. The clinic addresses and contacts are available here.

The consultation fees are based on the time taken and the complexity of the case. For the range of charges, please click here.

You may either book an appointment online by clicking here, or call the clinic directly at 6732-6388 (Dr Wong at Gleneagles Medical Centre) / 6732-2668 (Dr Lam at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre) / 668-43033 (Both doctors at Mt Elizabeth @ Novena)/ 64432212(Both doctors at Farrer Park Medical Centre) to fix a consultation date. However, if you wish to book an appointment online, please do so 2 working days in advance. Your appointment will be confirmed when a reply notice is sent via e-mail or via phone call by our clinic staff.

The two specialists are Dr Wong Sin Yew and Dr Lam Mun San. For more information, e.g. their qualifications, please click on their name.