November 2014

The IDS team started classes on pilates at the Botanic Gardens with the Pilates instructor, Rita. The weekly Wednesday evening sessions after work will last for 10 weeks.

We were informed by the instructor that pilates is a complete approach towards developing body awareness so as to improve muscle control, flexibility, co-ordination, strength, and tone. It is designed to stretch muscles, strengthen joints and releases tension, resulting in improved posture and flexibility by using our core muscles.

So for one hour, those core muscles were set to work! It was tiring, but close to the end of the session, when we are instructed to just relax by lying down on our mats , facing the sky and listening to the birds chirp, all of us realise it was a great day to end a hard day’s work out in the open!

Meantime, we hope our core muscles will be built up!

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