2 September 2012

18 of us spent an activity packed-day together at Changi for Healthy Exercise & Healthy Foods.

We started early morning with an experienced Nature Society guide Teck Chye on the 2.2km Changi boardwalk from Changi Point ferry terminal to Changi Beach Club. We enjoyed the sea breeze and morning sun along the leisurely walk. We got more than what we bargained for, when we also learnt about the coastal plants and flora, as well as marine life, Changi’s history and historical buildings.

After that we spent the rest of the day at the comfortable Changi Beach Club in 5 groups—First & Foremost, Masak Mamas, Princess, Healthy Nuts, Char Siew/Siew Bak.

Each group accumulated points in:

  1. putting together a full snack combo and presented the health benefits of the various snacks. It is a good recap and we happily snacked as we discussed!
  2. finding their group members and raffia string to form a square and triangle – whilst all of us were blind folded and could not communicate verbally. It was hilarious — we groped, got ‘lost’ and ‘robbed’ but through determination, fast thinking, most of us somehow completed the challenge. We learnt that through planning, strategizing, communicating before we embark on any assignment, and teamwork, anything is possible!
  3. cooking together a healthy 3 course western meal – mushroom soup (from scratch), chicken with zucchini, fruit crepes. After we learnt from the chef Rainer, like ‘iron chefs’ we went all out using our respective cooking skills, competitive spirit to do our best, teamwork to prepare our dishes. We were given points for presentation, techniques and creativity.

Masak Mamas led by Dr Lam emerged as the group champions! What an exciting, enjoyable fun-filled day!

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