December 2016

IDS@Gleneagles ( Infectious Disease Partners Pte Ltd) was the first private specialist medical clinic in Singapore to be granted JCI accreditation for ambulatory care on December 21st 2013. It was scheduled to have its triennial survey in December 2016.

The IDS team have been working hard to update their JCI policies since the 3rd Edition of the JCI Ambulatory Standards were issued on 1 Jan 2015. At the same time, the 4 clinics in the group remained busy.

After the policies were updated, staff in all the 4 clinics received training to comply with the new/amended JCI policies and processes.

There were jitters for the team at IDS@Gleneagles as the day grew closer to the JCI survey. On 14th December 2016, the first day of the survey, the IDS management and team were at the clinic early to await for the appointed JCI surveyor, Dr Muayad Al- Hussaini. He spent the next 3 days reviewing our revised policies and processes and conducted tracers.

It was a tough 3 day survey! The team were on our toes throughout to answer to the surveyor’s queries and to provide additional documents which he requested for.

Finally, we were informed by JCI Accreditation that our clinic has been granted reaccreditation! Hurray for us!

Our thanks go to for the various departments at Gleneagles Hospital, including Operations, Medical Affairs, BME, Nursing, Parkway Laboratory/Radiology at Gleneagles Hospital who were on hand to provide us the necessary support to successfully complete this triennial survey!

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