4 August 2012

The third “Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists” CME Seminar organized for Family Physicians was held at the Marriot Hotel. It was attended by over 70 participants, who were mostly family practitioners and a few medical specialists.

Our Chairperson, Dr Tan TzeLee gave a short introduction and provided a historical perspective of infectious disease management from the era of Hippocrates and traced its evolution to present day.

Our four Specialists then continued speaking on the following topics:

    1. Dr Wong Sin Yew – provided an overview of Infectious Disease emergencies, highlighting important “danger” symptoms and signs that warrant closer attention. He also discussed on the common sites of infection that result in severe sepsis.
    2. Dr David Allen – provided a scholarly review of Staphylococcal and Streptococcal Infections that result in severe sepsis. Among the important points highlighted were the deleterious effects of “toxins” from these Gram positive infections. Besides the need for appropriate antibiotic therapy, the need for surgical management of Gram positive infections was also discussed.
    3. Dr Lee Kang Hoe – taking a slightly different tack, Dr Lee discussed on resuscitationmeasures and organ support for severe sepsis. Whilst early antibiotic therapy saves lives, skilful management by intensivists, ensure that hemodynamic and other resuscitation “targets” are met within the first 24 hours. These measures have also been important in reducing mortality due to sepsis. The 6 hour and 24 hour resuscitation bundles derived from the “Surviving Sepsis Campaign” were highlighted.
    4. Dr Lam Mun San – Management of exposures to infections was the theme of Dr Lam’s lecture. Patients, relatives and health care workers are often distraught following exposures to infections and often seek urgent medical advice. Dr Lam explained that many of these exposures can be managed by appropriate post-exposure prophylaxis using medication and vaccinations. Numerous common examples of exposures were reviewed by Dr Lam and highlighted to the audience.

Participants were also provided information on clinical symptoms and signs to look out for, early treatment measures,important statistics on severe sepsis, and data from recent publications on the management of sepsis. These were provided so that the Family Physicians will be more conversant with the spectrum of infectious disease emergencies , and how to provide early management of these emergencies

We wish to thank Dr Tan Tze Lee for being our Chairperson for this event and also Dr Lee Kang Hoe and Dr David Allen for sharing their insights and case studies

The event was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca and we acknowledge their kind support for continuing medical education in Singapore.

The next “Meet The Infectious Disease Specialists” Seminar, ‘Workplace Safety and Infection Control In Ambulatory Care’ will be held on 3 November 2012 at Conference Room at the new Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Further details will be available shortly.

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