25th March 2017, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Dr Wong Sin Yew, gave the opening address to the 115 seminar participants who were mostly family physicians.

Dr Lam Mun San was our first speaker and her lecture was entitled “Prevention of Respiratory Tract Infections’ . Dr Lam provided vaccination updates on :

  • Pertussis – the resurgence of pertussis, the possible causes of its resurgence, the seroepidemiology with the old and current vaccines and the current recommendations
  • Tuberculosis – BCG and the contraindications, the new TB vaccines currently in development
  • Influenza – the influenza strains causing seasonal outbreaks, the recognised benefits and contraindications to infuenza vaccination
  • Pneumococcus – vaccines available against Streptococcal pneumoniae, MOH’s recent recommendation. Future of improved vaccines against pneumococcus

Dr Lim Zi Yi, haematologist was our first guest speaker and he gave an interesting lecture on the Role of Vaccine Based Therapy in Cancer. He first informed the participants on the impact of cancer and the 3 pillars of cancer therapy. Dr Lim then presented on the role of Vaccine Based Cancer Therapy, the types of cancer vaccines and its limitations. He also touched on the new exciting are of Cellular Immunotherapy in cancer.

A/Prof Yeo Tsin Wen, infectious disease physician at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, NTU was our next guest speaker. He spoke on the,epidemiology, virology and pathogenesis of dengue infection. He also discussed the published data associated with the newly launched Dengvaxia Vaccine during his session.

Our last speaker, Dr Wong Sin Yew introduced his lecture by discussing the Infection Related Cancers by geographic region and the various micro-organisms contributing to Cancers. He then focused on:

  • HBV – current status of HBV vaccination and the gaps in vaccine implementation
  • HPV – Prevalence in Healthy Women, the various HPV vaccines that are registered in Singapore , the efficacy studies
  • Other Infection associated Cancers such as Helicobacter pylori, EBV and HCV

We are very appreciative that Dr Lim and Professor Yeo had spent this Saturday afternoon in giving their talks. We also wish to thank all the family physicians and other healthcare professionals who attended our seminar.

We are also grateful to both MSD and Sanofi Pasteur for sponsoring our seminar.

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