25th February 2017, Regent Hotel

Our first seminar in 2017 entitled “ Update on Pneumonia and TB: 2017” was held at Regent Hotel on February 25th. There were 126 family physicians who attended the seminar.

Dr Wong Sin Yew and Dr Lam Mun San’s presentations were on Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) and prevention. Dr Wong ‘s key takeaway points on adult CAP were the following:

  • Epidemiology: Increasing recognition of viruses in adult CAP
  • New Approaches in Diagnosis including those utilizing real time Multiplex PCR
  • Imaging in patients with pneumonia
  • Antibiotic initiation and selection
  • Recognition of CV Risks in Pneumonia including early and late mortality

In her session on Prevention of CAP, Dr Lam spoke on pneumococcal vaccines : their effectiveness in prevention of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and pneumonia. She also discussed the Capita Trial and MOH‘s guidelines on pneumococcal vaccines. She also spoke on influenza vaccines, the importance targeting of healthcare workers and the other benefits of influenza vaccination.

Our first guest speaker, Dr Kenneth Chan from Respiratory Medical Associates gave an update on tuberculosis (TB). He spoke on the following:

  • Advances in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
  • Epidemiology of TB in Singapore
  • Frequently asked questions including infectivity of PTB and contact screening
  • Management of patients with TB

Dr Loh Jiashen, infectious disease physician at Sengkang General Hospital gave an interesting talk on latent TB. He emphasised on the natural history of latent TB, the role of IGRA testing versus Mantoux test and the management of latent TB. He also discussed the difficulties with regard to post-exposure management of MDR TB

We wish to thank our guest speakers Dr Chan and Dr Loh for giving interesting sessions on TB to the participants, and of course to all the family physicians for attending our seminar.

Finally, we are also grateful to Pfizer, who supported our seminar event to make it a successful and well organised one.

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