2 August 2014

There was a very good turnout of family physicians on August 2nd 2014 afternoon at the Regent Hotel for our Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists Seminar entitled – Update on HIV Infection. This was our third seminar in 2014 for family physicians

The 5 topics on HIV infection covered at this seminar were as follows:

1. HIV: Is A Cure In Sight? by Dr Lam Mun San

2. Latest Update In Diagnosing HIV Infection by Dr Raymond Fong

3. What You Need To Know About PREP And PEP by Dr Limin Wijaya

4. Cutaneous Clues For HIV Infection by Dr Chan Yuin Chew

5. Clinical Vignettes by Dr Wong Sin Yew

The sessions were interesting, lively and much more interactive as the seminar sponsor, Janssen provided a ‘voting pad’ system. Questions were asked by the speaker, and each participant will key in their answer on a voting pad. The percentage of responses were instantly calculated for each answer. The speaker would then discuss the assigned topic around the various responses.
Feedback given by the participants was very positive, with some requesting for more topics to be included in our next seminar.
We wish to thank Janssen for not only their support for this seminar, but to also allow us to be one of the first seminars to try on this interactive voting system.

We are also grateful for the support given by our family practitioner friends and our Specialist colleagues who contributed to the success of this seminar by giving up their Saturday afternoon to be part of the team of speakers!.

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