May 23rd 2015

We held our 2nd seminar of 2015 on SSTI at Hotel Jen. Our Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists seminar was targeted at family physicians. A total of 103 doctors participated in the seminar. SSTIs are one of the most common acute infections that result in emergency hospitalizations. In recent years, numerous new antibiotics registered in Singapore, US and Europe have been approved for treatment of SSTI.

Dr Lam provided an overview of the clinical spectrum of SSTI. As SSTI is a heterogeneous group of infections with diverse clinical presentations, Dr Lam focused on the common infections and also covered the less common but severe infections such as necrotizing fasciitis.

There are many antibiotics that are available for the treatment of SSTI and Dr Wong discussed recent publications from Europe and US which reviewed the use of various antibiotics in managing SSTI. Dr Wong also summarized the guidelines that were recently published by the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) in June 2014. The guidelines helped to simplify clinical decision making. He also covered treatment of SSTI due to MRSA.

For the infections that become persistent and develop into chronic wounds, Esther Thng, a trained wound nurse provided expert advice on wound management. She emphasized a holistic approach and covered not just the various dressings that may be used but also how to manage the wound bed, wound margins etc. Esther used case studies to drive home important teaching points.

Dr Chan Yuin Chew, dermatologist discussed the non-infectious conditions that may mimic SSTI and gave important pointers on how to avoid misdiagnosis and delays in management.

We are grateful to Astra Zeneca for sponsoring the venue and food for this seminar.

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