What to Expect

When you arrive on your first visit, please go to the reception and you will be asked to fill up paperwork to register you as a patient of our clinic. Depending on the complexity of your illness, your first visit with the specialists may take 20-30 minutes. We will make every effort to keep to the schedule but we ask your indulgence if unforeseen circumstances occur resulting in delays. we encourage our patients to bring recent and pertinent records (in English) including the following:

  • A letter from your referring doctor summarizing the medical condition, especially the infections
  • A complete record of immunizations
  • Copies of medical record information from other health care providers
  • All radiological films, CDs, DVDs and written radiologic reports related to the infections
  • All pathology slides and written pathology reports
  • All insurance claim forms and insurance cards that are relevant to your clinic visit
Service Quality

If we fail to meet your expectations, we would appreciate your feedback.