6th May 2017, Sapphire & Ruby Rooms, Singapore Island Country Club

The staff retreat started with a sumptuous lunch! Our event organizer, Senserene Pte Ltd organized the 12 of us into 3 teams to play our first team bonding game. Each team had to decorate 2 cakes together with the theme of ’Unity”, within 20 mins. In between, of course, each team went to have a look at the other 2 teams to ‘steal’ ideas!!

Team 2, led by Dr Lam was voted as the most creative and her team combined the 2 cakes and decorated the cakes with sugared red heart shaped sprinkles, signifying “Unity with Our Hearts!”

The second game was to dress up one member in their team in “fancy dress”! We had a hilarious time as there were 5 areas which had to painted up on the “dressee” – the gorilla mask, ‘a wig’, an outfit had to be created, hands, and legs had to be painted. The winning team had to win with speed and creativity!

It was a tough vote but in the end Team 3 led by Dr Wong won this game with their newly created “Goddess of whatever”.

After tallying the points for the 2 games, Team 2 came up as the overall winner. All other participants also won Taka vouchers to spend on shopping!

The last session was an action learning session. 12 of us were divided into 2 teams and the Doctors posed a current work issue, and everybody was to help resolve the issue. Senserene introduced this format as a new method for getting feedback from staff. The feedback was at times tense and emotional. It was helpful to gain insights into ongoing work issues and to develop solutions on improving our work environment.

Although it was only a 4 hour team building retreat, but everybody was happy to get out of the daily routine work and spend some time to enjoy and relax with the rest of the IDS team members!

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