12 May 2012

The “Meet the Infectious Disease Specialists” – HIV Infection: Towards a World Without Aids was held for Family Physicians at the Trader’s Hotel.

It was well attended by 87 interested family physicians. Their feedback indicated it was a productive and educational afternoon.

Our chairperson A/Prof Lim Lean Huat started the seminar with a history of HIV infection since the 80’s when it was met with fear and confusion before it evolved into a treatable chronic disease.

Our speakers covered the following topics to provide family physicians with an update on HIV infection

  1. Dr David Lye’s ‘Diagnosing HIV Infection: A clinician’s Approach
  2. Dr Wong Sin Yew’s Paradigm Shift (1): Towards a World Without AIDS
  3. Dr Lam Mun San’s Pre and Post Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV Infection
  4. A/Prof Paul Tambyah’s Paradigm Shift (2): HIV Infection as a chronic disease

Through a mix of clinical case studies, published statistics on HIV in USA, Singapore, latest publications and treatment guidelines, we hope that our seminar has achieved its objectives of increasing the knowledge of family physicians in the management of HIV exposures and treatment of HIV infected patients.

The Q & A session was interactive with questions ranging from clinical scenarios to ethical, social issues and government initiatives.

We wish to thank A/Prof Lim Lean Huat for being our event chairperson, and the invited doctors for sharing their insights and clinical cases.

The event was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme (I.A.) Corp.

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