12th October 2016

Dr Wong gave an update on Zika virus infections to the nurses from Parkway Pantai Hospitals. About 60 Nurses attended the talk at the Lecture Theatre, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore.

Dr Wong provided the following at the update:

  • Historical aspects: Zika was first identified in 1947, but for the next 57 years, only 13 human cases were reported. It came to medical attention in 2007 when it caused a large outbreak in the Yap Islands in Micronesia followed by a larger outbreak at the French Polynesian and other Pacific islands in 2013/2014. It then spread to South and Central America. It probably has been endemic in South East Asia for decades
  • Update on the local transmission of Zika in Singapore up to 10th Oct 2016
  • The various strains of Zika Virus and the phylogeny
  • The transmission of Zika – the mosquito borne route and the non mosquito route such as mother to child, sexual transmission etc
  • The clinical illness associated with Zika infection and the congenital Zika syndrome
  • Laboratory Testing for Zika Virus infection and its limitations
  • Pregnancy considerations and concerns on Congenital Zika
  • Risk of Guillain Barre Syndrome with Zika Infection
  • Preventing Harm from Zika Infection

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